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                  Jiangsu Kaiyuan Steel Tube Co., Ltd English website!
                  Buy Kaiyuan Steel. Save worry,Effort,and Save money£¡
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                  Welcome to Jiangsu Kaiyuan Steel Tube Co., Ltd Website!
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                  Address£ºNo.32-2, Chengnan                  Road, Xinqu                  District, Wuxi City,                  Jiangsu Province.
                  Supervision Hotline(13812080335)
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                  Thanks a lot for all customers supporting and concerned about the development of Wuxi Kaiyuan Steel Tube Industry Co., Ltd for long term
                  To service customers for better and keep more effective and efficient communication with customers, the company has set up special persons and hotlines for customer service. Please dial 86-510-85072723 for solution of product quality, for client claim £¨0510-85361006£©and 13812080335 for supervising.
                  The company guarantees as below:
                  All steel tubes of Kaiyuan are with good quality and competitive price. If the products you purchased have faults or non-compliance with any national standard or contract regulation, please request for solution of product quality in writing and provide us contract number and fault sample such as pictures or solid samples etc. We will inform the suppliers or manufacturers to determine the checking date to site in three to seven days. We promise to address the issues in the soonest period except some special occasions.

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